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Friday, April 4, 2014

Melissa Midwest dropped from suit against

Melissa Midwest is being dropped as the face of a multibillion-dollar Manhattan lawsuit against

Filed in November in Manhattan federal court, the suit accuses and affiliated sites of posting tens of thousands of fake dating profiles featuring unsanctioned photos of pretty people to attract paying members.

Lawyer Evan Spencer had quietly amended the complaint in January to replace the original lead plaintiff, Yuliana Avalos, with Melissa [Midwest] Harrington.

Court papers filed Thursday say Harringon "demanded that she be withdrawn as a plaintiff" because she never agreed to be part of the suit.

Spencer said he plans to move forward without Harrington and with a new version of the suit that includes fewer allegations against and seek unspecified money damages only on behalf of Harrington's ex-husband, Shane Harrington, who owned the rights to her photos, and his company.