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Monday, August 20, 2012

Moniker's Affiliate Program Shut Down

It once seemed like Moniker was in it for the long haul. Today, the registrar is dropping the ball more than anything else. Their prices have gone up, the quality of their support staff has gone down. They've been plagued with technical problems and they've fired all their account managers. A GFY user recently found out they closed down their affiliate program without notifying their affiliates.

Statement from Moniker:

There was a notification placed on the subdomain several months ago notifying visitors that we were no longer accepting new accounts and that the program would be shut down shortly thereafter. In June the program was discontinued.

Formal communication will be sent out shortly regarding the status of the program and client payments. I expect final payments will be made within the next month or so.

So Moniker waited 2 months to send out notifications to their affiliates and "Payment will be made within the next month or so".