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Monday, May 19, 2008

To Dreamhost Or Not To Dreamhost

What or who is Dreamhost?
DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based virtual hosting provider.

Why should I use Dreamhost?
Because they offer a lot for a very cheap price.

So what's the catch?
Their uptime isn't 100%, it's not even 99%, it's more like 98%.

So I shouldn't use them, right?
Well, it all depends on your plans/needs. Obviously running a resource-hungry TGP on a cheap virtual hosting account isn't a good idea. And you certainly don't want to host galleries you submit to other TGPs on a host with a less then 99.9% uptime. However Dreamhost is great for search engine optimization (SEO). Dreamhost lets you host an unlimited amount of domains on your account and if you add those domains over a longer period of time, you'll notice that Dreamhost has a lot of IP addresses available.

You wouldn't happen to have a Dreamhost coupon code lying around?
No, problem; promo code 50TGP takes $50 off the cost of any hosting plan.