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Friday, May 11, 2012 vs Legitscript

Legit Script ( is a not so legit company that claims to be protecting the US people by labeling legitimate Canadian and other non-US pharmacies as Unapproved or Rogue. Legit Script has a long history of pressuring registrars into taking action against registrants of these Unapproved pharma related domain names.

Some registrars like Namecheap for example are known to be working closely with Legit Script. Others seem to be less easy to intimidate. Today, ICANN accredited registrar Corp. today released a statement saying that Legit Script admitted having registered hundreds of pharma domains purposely using fake whois data in an attempt to harm

In a frustrated attempt to tarnish ICANN Registrar Corp. reputation, the US based company Legitscript openly admits to having employed undercover agents to register domain names suggesting the sale of illegal or regulated drugs from the USA to the USA and furthermore using fake whois data. Both actions are in breach of Corp. Terms and Conditions and in violation of ICANN rules.

This is not the first scandal that surrounds Legit Script:

NY Judge Rules IP Not Enough To Sue

A New York judge has ruled that an IP address alone is not enough to prove that a particular person downloaded files illegally, reports TorrentFreak. The landmark case could have potentially devastating effects on a number of mass-BitTorrent lawsuits currently taking place around the country as well as Lightspeed's suit against password sharers.