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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DailyMail promoting censorship

In a heap of unsubstantiated claims parading as journalism, the DailyMail is trying to link porn to child exploitation and rape.

The article makes all sorts of references that are unverified and cannot be verified until "the report comes out in September". Will they be verifiable then? Will we find a causal link between adult content and child rape at that point? I highly doubt it.

I don't doubt that many of the things described and reported by "an officer" and others have actually happened. The world is full of sick people. But their claims that online adult content is to blame are built on weak foundations as best. If eleven year-old boys are committing rape, then investigate the parents, the siblings, the households and families. I bet you'll find "the problem" there.

Online adult content doesn't magically transform well-raised children and even badly raised children into sex-abusive monsters unless maybe they're already abused. If you want to stop rapists, look at the rapists themselves instead of blaming online content that they may or may not have come across. Every day millions of people watch adult content online. Are all of them now destined to become evil rapists? I doubt it.