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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chris Mallick's Official VIP Screening for "After Porn Ends"

It seems the ripoff-artist turned movie producer Chris Mallick can't leave the adult industry alone. Theo from AVN reported on GFY that AVN had received an invitation for the Official Press & VIP Screening in Los Angeles for Mallicks latest movie "After Porn ends".

For those who are new, Chris Mallick used to run ePassporte. EPassporte was an ewallet service like Paxum and RedPass. In 2010 Chris Mallick disappeared with millions of dollars in money that belonged to ePassporte's users and has been hiding in plain sight ever since. It's no secret he's been using those stolen funds to bankroll his movie company Oxymoron Entertainment.

For more details on Mallick and the ePassporte scam, see one of the many sites that document what happened: