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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

YNOT Grand Prix Adds Montreal Race

The YNOT Grand Prix, presented by JuicyAds, will make its first-ever stop in Canada Aug. 8 as a sanctioned event during the popular Qwebec Expo trade show.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Plant:

"We are very happy to have the YNOT Grand Prix at Qwebec Expo this year. We've worked all year to bring new features to the event for our 10th anniversary, and when we were approached by LAJ at YNOT about the possibility to host the event in Montreal this year, we were very excited. The timing was perfect!"

Previous races in the 2013 season took place in Las Vegas (in conjunction with Internext in January), Barcelona (in conjunction with The European Summit in March) and Phoenix, Ariz. (in conjunction with The Phoenix Forum in April). After Montreal, the YNOT Grand Prix's final event of the season will take place in Budapest in September as part of The European Summit's fall gathering.

To secure a seat as a driver or to investigate sponsorship opportunities, contact LAJ (jay AT ynot DOT com or ICQ 92418228).