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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Campaign to Defeat Measure B Requiring Condoms on Adult Film Sets Launched

Citing the potential for deficits in county healthcare programs, a broad-based coalition of business organizations, entertainment companies, community activists and healthcare advocates announced the launch of a campaign aimed at defeating Measure B, the so-called Safer Sex initiative on the Los Angeles County ballot this Nov. 6th.

James Lee, spokesman for the No on Government Waste Committee:

Measure B is a waste of taxpayer dollars, does nothing to promote better healthcare and threatens to add increased costs to the county by creating another underfunded government program.


MojoHost to Sponsor Next 2 European Summits

MojoHost has signed on as a sponsor for the next two European Summits after a smaller try out sponsorship at the European Summit 2011.

Brad Mitchell:

Having organized eight conferences in the past three years, and all of them with an exceptionally high standard, we felt that the time was ripe to place more trust in the organizers of the European Summit.