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Friday, June 15, 2012

CCBill stops processing for all filelockers

After CCBill dropped, a lot of other violations were brought to CCBill's attention. Both directly and indirectly (GFY). Initially CBBill responded quite poorly and clumsily, but today they finally released a statement that should be satisfactory for most people (except the filelockers of course. After Paxum, they've now lost yet another way to accept payments and pay their uploaders.):

To our friends and colleagues:

Effective immediately, CCBill has discontinued processing for all file locker websites. While CCBill continues to back the business models of our client base without bias, it has been made aware of multiple instances involving content residing on various client websites which violate our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, CCBill conducted an exhaustive internal investigation with the goal of determining the validity of claims concerning the breach of our AUP. Following the investigation, CCBill decided it can no longer provide transaction services to businesses operating a file locker model.

From inception, CCBill relied on the ability of file locker websites to actively monitor incoming uploads from external sources and immediately remove any illicit files thereafter identified. It has become clear that such a task is both difficult for website operators to accomplish and nearly impossible for CCBill to verify.

CCBill would like to thank those individuals who have provided examples of content existing on file locker websites which is in violation of our AUP. We are all part of this community and we believe it is our collective responsibility to maintain core values and ethics within the adult marketplace. CCBill has, and always will maintain its high standards in dealing with copyright infringement, illegal content and all aspects of our AUP.

CCBill holds client privacy in the highest regard, and under no circumstance will we discuss specific details related to any previous or current client relationship. We respectfully ask for consideration of these policies, and thus please do not ask us to betray this trust.

Gary Jackson
Managing VP