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Monday, May 14, 2012

First they came for Craigslist, now for Backpage

In 2010, Craigslist caved to pressure and shut down its erotic ads section. It didn't take long before stepped in and filled the void, making almost $27 million in 1 year. They made $3 million in March alone. That is up more than 30% from a year ago. As CNN reports, US prosecutors now want the site's adult service ads removed.

Joe Obenberger from XXXLaw commented:

Unlike Craigslist, the owners of Backpage have had the testicularity to stare down the Do-gooders eyeball to eyeball. Craigslist blinked, backed down, even after winning this sensational result in Chicago.

They are not breaking any laws. If they were, the posse would have come to get them a long time ago.

You Need a Permit to Webcam In Los Angeles

AVN reported on the 3rd meeting of the Working Group on the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Ordinance, which once again was held in a conference room in the City Administrative Officer's office—and which once again was not posted on the list of the Los Angeles City Meetings & Agendas website.

At a time when the State Of California is in financial trouble (They are bleeding $18 billion this year alone), legislators seem to be working hard to drive content producers out.

Under the city ordinance, anyone producing content in whatever way or fashion, this includes couples shooting a webcam from their own bedrooms, are forced to buy a $750 a month permit.

From Michael Fattorosi's comments to the working group:

"This is not 1995 anymore in the adult industry. It is a worldwide business. This is a business that has foreign interests in Los Angeles, it has local interests in Los Angeles, and again I ask that when this council and this commission puts forth recommendations to the City Council as to implementing this particular law, that they see the broader issues of being able to regulate and being able to implement this, and that you consider the First Amendment issues that were raised last time... We're in tough economic times, and there may be married couples, there may be single women who do this in order to make extra money, or to be able to pay their rent, and if you're expecting them to pay $750 or more per month to maintain a filming permit, to be able to earn that, they won't, and they probably can't afford to."