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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dotxxx, 3 Months later.

Three months ago the dotxxx tld went live. As many predicted, the over-hyped tld turned out to be a massive failure. According to Registrar Stats, dotxxx is one of the least successful tlds. Only obscure tlds like .aero, .travel and .coop manage to do worse. The real test for dotxxx will come 9 months from now when those domains come up for renewal. As most dotxxx domains were registered by domainers looking to make a quick buck and trademark holders fooled into believing they needed to register a dotxxx domain to protect their trademark, things don't look good for ICM registry (the company behind dotxxx).

At $100 a pop, dotxxx domains are expensive for amateur domainers to hold. Certainly when the only people buying them are other domainers. A bubble can only be inflated for so long before it bursts.

Trademark owners are starting to wake up to the fact that paying ICM Registry is not necessary to protect their trademark. Especially now that ICM Registry has already created a precedent by taking down infringing domains for free.