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Friday, May 25, 2012

Brad Mitchell on KiwiSourcing

Brad Mitchell from MojoHost had this to say about Jo from KiwiSourcing:

A very special thank you to KiwiSourcing for the dozens of hours spent making everything MojoHost did fabulous. You made us on-time, under budget and helped deliver the MojoHost message flawlessly. I didn't fall over and die from a heart attack but would have without Jo's help. Coordinating our branding, press, event logistics, decision making, ad specialty, food service, meetings, transportation, shipping and more was a miracle. Jo from KiwiSourcing has my highest recommendation. I plan to continue using her in the future and think everyone should. It's like pressing the EASY button for tradeshows and I regret all of the wasted time, effort and stress for the last dozen years doing stuff myself that someone more qualified could have done better.