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Friday, June 22, 2012

Oron's Assets Frozen

It's a bad time for those running file lockers. A US federal judge sided with gay adult studio Corbin Fisher and has issued a temporary restraining order against the file locker, effectively freezing all assets of the company.

According to XBiz, Corbin Fisher on Wednesday filed a $34.8 million copyright infringement against Oron and its operators. The suit alleges at least 232 infringements on the site. The order signed by US District Judge Gloria Navarro reads:

Plaintiff has demonstrated that defendants are engaged in allegedly fraudulent transfers that may impinge on the court's ability to issue effective equitable relief

With Navarro's order, all bank accounts held by FF Magnat, and its owner Bochenko have been frozen until a hearing slated for July 3. PayPal and CCBill also have been ordered to freeze all Oron accounts, and VeriSign has been ordered to freeze the domain name from any transfers.