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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Yes on B" backers using Thylmann's arrest to discredit "No on B" campaign

Backers of the controversial measure B filed formal complaints with California's Fair Political Practices Commission and the Federal Election Commission over, what they call, illegal donations from Manwin, the largest single donor to the 'No' campaign.

The arrest and detention in Germany of Fabian Thylmann on tax evasion charges prompted backers of Ballot Measure B to step up their call for the 'No on B' campaign to return Manwin's $220,000 illegal contributions to the failed campaign.

Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation and one of the 5 named proponents of the ballot initiative:

We suspected that donations to the 'No on B' campaign from Manwin throughout the election campaign raised serious questions about money from a foreign porn cartel being given to an election campaign in the United States—an illegal act that constitutes a felony. Now, with his arrest and detention in Germany on charges of tax evasion - the first cousin of money laundering - we are renewing our demand that the 'No on B' campaign return at least $220,000 in political contributions that appear to have been made illegally by Manwin.

The demand was made in a letter sent to Diane Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition.

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