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Friday, July 27, 2012

Diane Duke on APHSS

Diane Duke from the FreeSpeechCoalition:

I just wanted to correct some misinformation out there about APHSS (Adult Performer Health and Safety Services). Performers have never had to pay to be part of APHSS and they never will. Also, our request for performer addresses, is for mailing performers their checks. Addresses will be kept separate from APHSS information on a completely different and secure server for accounting purposes only.

The goal of the fund is to alleviate some of the costs of testing to performers-that's all. Ninety days after the Performer Subsidy Fund program starts, FSC will do a complete analysis of the program's success—including a survey out to performers to determine their level of satisfaction with the program. Monthly, FSC will produce a report that shows all income that has come into the fund, how many tests were reported to APHSS, the amount of the reimbursement per test and how many performers were reimbursed.

One hundred percent of the $50,000/month that Manwin contributes to the fund will go directly to the performers and 100% of any funds other producers contribute will go directly to the performers as well.