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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Measure B" passed

The Southern California-based adult entertainment industry awoke today to the inescapable reality that a majority of Los Angeles County voters had decided in favor of Measure B, which requires adult producers in the county to procure a new health permit in order to shoot, and adds criminal sanctions to producers who fail to ensure that barrier protection is used by adult performers shooting sexually explicit scenes.

Peter Acworth, owner of, told AVN:

The way Measure B was written seemed appealing to voters at first sight, so this was always going to be an uphill struggle to win at the polls. I want to congratulate Diane Duke, the FSC and its supporters on a hard fought battle
If upheld by courts and enforced, I fear a mass exodus to friendlier jurisdictions

Dan "Porno Dan" Leal of Immoral Productions:

This law only applies to Los Angeles, which leaves countless municipalities within the state of California where this law does not apply and where we would be welcome.

Christian Mann of Evil Angel said:

It's not the end of the world, but it's not good. I hate this kind of a regulation under any circumstances. I think that the language on the ballot was so deceptive to begin with, that we were already dealing from a handicapped point of view.

Axel Braun of Axel Braun Productions commented:

Measure B could not be implemented as written without being deemed impartial. To function without prejudice, it would have to also apply to all mainstream media with sexual content (movies, reality shows, cable dramas, etc...) beyond hardcore, and include scrutiny against the threat of STDs as well as HIV. The battle is far from over.

Attorney Michael Fattorosi:

In order for this law to take effect in Los Angeles, Glendale, Malibu or any of the 85 independent towns and cities in Los Angeles County, each one of those cities will have to independently debate, vote on and then pass or adopt Ballot Measure B as the law in their town. How long that will take is anyone's guess at this point in time, and it isn't even certain that all 85 independent towns and cities will choose to adopt the measure.