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Friday, March 8, 2013

EU a resolution to ban all forms of pornography in media

After Iceland's foolish plans to turn the island into the North Korea of the Atlantic Ocean, the European parliament will be voting on a resolution to "ban all forms of pornography in media". And "the media" of course includes the internet.

EU to vote on porn ban, calls for Internet enforcement:

In a severe threat to online freedoms in the region, the European Parliament is set to vote in the next week on "a ban on all forms of pornography in the media."

Christian Engstrom, member of the European Parliament (MEP), said on his blog that the "devil is in the detail," warning that the wording in an older resolution from 1997 could lead to "statutory measures to prevent any form of pornography in the media."

Dutch MEP for the Socialist Party, Kartika Tamara Liotard, is backing the proposed porn ban and calls on the European Union to enforce a blanket ban on pornography in the media of all 27 member states.

Kartika Tamara Liotard
Kartika Tamara Liotard

In the mean time, Christian Engstrom reports that:

The IT department of the European Parliament is blocking the delivery of the emails on this issue, after some members of the parliament complained about getting emails from citizens.
This is an absolute disgrace, in my opinion. A parliament that views input from citizens on a current issue as spam, has very little democratic legitimacy in my opinion.
I will be writing a letter to the President of the European Parliament to complain about this totally undemocratic practice.
In the meantime, please continue to email members of the parliament on both the issue of the porn ban and on any other issue that you feel that you want to bring to the attention your elected representatives. Citizens taking active part in the political process is a fantastic asset for a democratic system, not a spam problem.