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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Important Info From SMCRevenue

It seems Verotel is having problems... again. SMCRevenue just emailed its affiliates:

About a month ago we found that one of our billers (Verotel) reported less rebills than NATS was showing and we contacted NATS to investigate the issue. They found that Verotel was posting double rebills for some members since the end of December and asked Verotel to stop posting these bad rebills immediately.

Verotel and NATS were having discussions the last month about the issue. Since you perhaps got paid for rebills that were not existing, these rebills are corrected by NATS earlier today and a correction payment is generated for your account.

To see if your account was affected, check your previous months statistics (from 20 December till 20 February) and the corrections will show up under the "Other Income" column. If you click details on a payment, you will see the total correctional payment deduction.

We are sorry for this but we hope you understand this was completely out of our hands.