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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Better than captchas: Strongbox 5 introduces FaceTuring

BetterCGI announced Friday that it will be releasing the new 5.0 version of the popular Strongbox web site security software, along with a new pricing model.The company has announced that webmasters can get the new version at the old lower price by pre-ordering prior to the July 1st launch.

The Strongbox system defends web businesses from brute force attacks, stolen or shared passwords, and other threats. Ray Morris, CEO of BetterCGI, explained:

Strongbox 5.0 has a lot of new features to enhance security, and convenience while complementing your site's appearance. For example the new FaceTuring, a revolutionary new approach that avoids the frustration of CAPTCHAS.

Rather than force users to decipher distorted difficult to read text, FaceTuring has the user simply do what humans have done instinctively for millions of years - spot a pretty face. Users simply click on the correct faces, which is ideal for touch screen interactions. Once a user has logged in successfully once, they can be exempt from any future human test at all, a true "one click" log in.