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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Past Week At GFY

  • LeRoy from DTICash launched a new tube design site. You can find his tube templates and information about his MechBunny integration services at Templates 4 Tubes.
  • Paxum joined the Adult Content Industry United Foundation (ACIUF) in its ongoing fight against online piracy.
  • Tube Sites Submitter users were reminded that it's advisable to run Tube Sites Submitter on a separate Windows installation inside VMWare or Virtualbox. That way, if Tube Sites Submitter runs into a tube site containing malicious code, you can simply restart the virtual OS and your host computer will be unaffected.
  • According to TorrentFreak, the people behind MegaUpload are preparing for a comeback.
  • MojoHost's SendFaster is getting positive reviews.
  • CCBill checks were late this week.
  • JFK posted pictures from Xbiz EU 2012 in London.
  • A picture of resident nutcase Paul Markham made its way onto Reddit.