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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yahoo! has started censoring Tumblr

Back in May when we reported that Yahoo! had bought Tumblr, we already wondered if this would mean the end of the popular adult Tumblr blogs.

Violet Blue at ZDNet now reports:

Rather than leave adult content alone Yahoo's Tumblr has eliminated its Erotica category, disabled search engine indexing for adult blogs, and removed adult Tumblrs from all internal search. Users are furious.

Yahoo censors Tumblr.

As reported in The Atlantic, Tumblr CEO David Karp told Stephen Colbert:

We've taken a pretty hard line on freedom of speech, supporting our users, creation, whatever that looks like, it's just not something we want to police.

Violet Blue responds:

Now Karp just looks like an idiot, and Yahoo looks like it's completely untrustworthy.

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