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Friday, September 7, 2012

Judge Issued Order on PayPal Funds in 'Corbin Fisher v Oron'

US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro issued an order in Liberty Media v FF Magnat that declared that funds contained in a PayPal account owned by Oron can be unfrozen as long as $749,821.50 remains frozen until it is paid to the plaintiff as part of the court-enforced settlement.

News: First Week Of September

  • AWE is now offering 60% Life Time RevShare.
  • was launched and is having a 10 sets/$65 promo.
  • Chaturbate opened its pay-per-free registration program to all affiliates.
  • FriendFinder Networks Inc. has $511 million of debt and was given three months by its bondholders to turn around a business that has never reported a profit.

Syphilis Test with 14-Day Window Period

From the FSC:

After continued and exhaustive research, APHSS doctors have discovered a new test for syphilis – Treponemal EIA. This state-of-the-art test significantly shortens the window for syphilis testing from 90 days to 14 days.

Trep-Sure is the brand name of the Treponemal EIA test for syphilis that will be utilized by doctors. This test, manufactured by Phoenix Bio-tech Corporation, is FDA approved as a confirmatory diagnostic test for syphilis and has 99-100% levels of sensitivity and specificity.