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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hilarious Dotxxx sales pitch

Moniker's feeble attempt at promoting the Dotxxx tld:

Registering your .XXX domain name gives you the confidence to control the exposure of your intellectual property on the Web. Whether you are building your brand identity or you wish to protect your brand name, product or personal name, now is the time build trust and security with this consumer friendly TLD.

Meanwhile, it has become obvious that even a (forced) 90% price reduction was unable to save the DotXXX tld. In his December 2011 article "Was .xxx's launch disappointing?", DotXXX pusher Kevin Murphy from Domainincite wrote:

ICM CEO Stuart Lawley has previously predicted 300,000 to 500,000 registrations in the first few months, and that's still an achievable goal

24 hours before the 90% discount on dotxxx domains ends, the number of active registrations doesn't even come near the numbers Lawley and Murphy mentioned.

Dotxxx domain registration numbers